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Check Out Our First NFT Project!

Imagination Realized

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Mad Studio Productions proudly presents, the "Brave FEW" Doll Collection. The Brave FEW is a collection of 100 character doll badges representing Frontline Essential Workers who risk their lives on a daily basis during the pandemic crisis.  Not only are they facing the dangers of the virus, but also the uncaring and inappropriate behaviors of disgruntled clients. Would you like to support these brave Frontline Essential Workers? Show them that we appreciate all their efforts in providing our communities as much order and normalcy as we can get in these difficult times. These badges symbolize our pride and respect towards these FEWs. Let's start a movement together wear these exclusive Brave FEW badges!

Why dolls? If you recall, dolls existed since the earliest civilization. It represented something, used for children's enjoyment, and often collected by adults. Based on the era, some dolls were made from wood, paper, or plastic. Since we are in the Digital Era, it is befitting to have these dolls made digitally.  With that said, come and own one and share it with others to enjoy! If you purchase a Brave FEW doll, you will have access to its editable file. Feel free to customize or type a meaningful message or quote in it for a t-shirt or promotional design that you want to share with everyone. There will be 5 more new dolls coming into the blockchain every week (total of 100). So, wait for them and grab as much as you can!!!  


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