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press play! con

Press Play! Con is our first event highlighting video games, anime, and art. Since modern society is greatly influenced by these leisure contents, it is important to embrace them to help nurture human imagination. 


     The convention is designed to promote and provide an outlet for companies and organizations to provide services and/or sales relevant to this form of entertainment.  It also gives society a new venue for everyone to enjoy their leisure and past time. Businesses or companies may participate by becoming sponsors for the event. Sponsorship includes the following; monetary or prize/service donation. If companies choose to sponsor, they can have the option to sell items during the event. This sponsorship will reserve a booth area for them to display products, services, or advertisement concerning their business or company. Non-profit organizations (such as gaming groups or cosplay) can also sponsor and reserve a booth area for their members. The prize donations will be strictly used as incentives for gaming tournaments and competitions held at the event. On the other hand, monetary sponsorships will be used to allocate necessary expenditures for the event. However, it may also be used for competition prizes. 

One unique aspect of the convention is having an art gallery for artists to share with the guests, as well as a live on-the-spot art contest.  Because of the pandemic, we will be updating our event and website for 2023. Check out some of the highlights of this event. Thank you to 671Gaming for covering the convention.

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