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"Falling Asleep" Watercolors


"Two Lovers" Acrylic

ABOUT US                       

MAD (Making Artistic Designs) Studio Productions is a new art company focused on revitalizing and cultivating the visual arts in this modern digital era. We believe in the idea that "Art Makes Us Human." Therefore, it is essential for us to search for uniqueness.  Our uniqueness is necessary to please our senses and relieve mental stress whenever we engage into our hectic lives.  Because of the surge in technological innovation, the arts has lost its value and footing within communities.  That is why MAD Studio Productions is formed to assure that the visual arts does not deteriorate and still exists within our livelihood.  We have a motto, "Artify Yourself." This motto reminds us that we are not just machines processing data and producing output.  But, human beings with limitless imagination. It doesn't matter what profession you are in, or the social status you have, as long as you have your imagination, you have the ability to "Artify Yourself!" 


ABOUT THE artist   

Francis Labrador, an innovative and influential arts educator and artist, has enjoyed leadership positions in major artistic, academic, and entrepreneurial efforts to make the arts part of the public life in a small US territory called Guam.  Among his achievements, he pioneered the "Artify Yourself" movement with the youth by creating grant-funded art workshops that allow them to express their imagination through visual arts.   In past years, Francis created many summer camps and art workshops for the youth, such as "Summer Visions 2000," and "Artify Yourself" Workshop in 2000 and 2019 respectively.  Francis also has been a reputable artist in the region of Guam for over 25 years of murals and paintings.  He is primarily known for acrylic paintings, drawings, murals, caricatures, and graphic design. Not only is Francis listed in the Guam Council for the Arts and Humanities Agency's (GCAHA) artist directory, but he is also a member of the GCAHA Grant Committee.   He has won a plethora of local and national art competitions dating back in his high school years with two recent ones from companies like iConnect’s “What Makes Guam Fun?” and GTA’s “Pokemon Design Contest.”  Perhaps his most recognizable feat is his 20 years experience in teaching.  Until now, Francis continues to educate the youth in the public school system and motivate them to pursue a career in the arts. 


There has recently been a high demand for NFTs, so rather than just offering the standard services of canvas paintings, murals, and caricatures, our company has decided to venture into NFT projects.  What are NFTs? NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens. To summarize it, these projects are digital artworks with certified proof of ownership given to a buyer through a public blockchain.  Therefore, if a person copies and pastes the image, the sole owner can claim rights to the artwork and even pursue legal actions.  This is just one branch of our services to help revitalize the arts. We also give our clients an opportunity to own an actual artwork made from our artist.  Francis offers many art styles ranging from impressionism to abstract expressionism.  He can either make a personalized work or create it based on your imagination.  Other services include digital art stemming from logo design to t-shirt designs. Feel free to browse through our website for sample artworks that you might be interested in. 

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