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what is it about?

Mad Studio Productions will be publishing its very first graphic novel called Aniti the Awakening. The company will dedicate its Youtube channel to present a total of 10 episodes for everyone to enjoy.  The expected launch date for the Aniti The Awakening Compendium will be in March 2022.  It consists of several short stories and character introductions connected to the graphic novel.



Rai, a high school student at John F. Kennedy High School, is introduced to the myths and legends of Guam by a group who call themselves the "Gaitaotaos," only to discover that they are actually preparing him to become the next leader of an ancient civilization. 

aniti: The Gathering 

Aniti the Gathering is a prelude to the main storyline of Aniti the Awakening.  It consists of a series of short stories that connect the myths and legends together which will later help the audience understand the overall plot.

aniti: the awakening

Aniti the Awakening is the main storyline happening in the year 2021.  Technology is advancing while culture is slowly diminishing on a small island called "Guam."  At the island, a scientist named Cameron launched a deep sea expedition to explore the deepest parts of the Marianas Trench. Little did he know that his visitation has started a series of events that will later lead to the possible destruction of the earth.  Sensing an imbalance in the planet, a group of men called the "Gaitaotaos" prepare for the awakening of four powerful leaders from an ancient civilization.   


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