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ar-ti-fy (verb) 
1. strengthen by learning basic art elements and design principles 
2. open ourselves to new ways of seeing the world around us 
3. encourage others and share ideas with fresh new vision

"artify yourself!"

I am starting a movement on island called "Artify Yourself!," which is to make anything into art. To reach our objectives, Mad Studio offered workshops to children and adults on making art (whether to learn how to draw, paint, or do digital work).  The newest workshop held was funded by Guam CAHA and hosted by John F. Kennedy High School for high school students called "Interactive Mural"  This was a four week workshop held from Monday-Saturday for any interested participants during the month of November.  The workshop focused on creating large murals that allow people to interact with it.  The final product was a Guam Rail and Lizard. 

project description

We starting a movement called "Artify Yourself!"  The premise is simple. Let's make anything art again! Modern society has been so fixated with technology and leisure that art is becoming unappreciated and ignored.  I want to bring back the value of art and the creativity of the artist mind.  Following the concepts of our predecessors during the Fantasy and Surrealist era, the common goal for the "Artify" movement is to introduce a fusion of imagination and reality into artworks. Once we artists begin to achieve this, then we will make our imagination truly realized. To participate in this movement, our artist participants will brand their piece with the "Fully Artified" stamp of approval.   

Next year 2023, I will be introducing a uniquely designed clothing apparel and merchandises for the "Artify Yourself!" movement.  Below are some deisgn ideas.

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