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DoctorSprite                                             PharmaSprite


The Brave FEW is a digital doll collection of 100 characters in a form of badges representing Frontline Essential Workers who risk their lives during the pandemic just to meet the needs of communities.  It is a symbol of pride and respect for these workers. The collection allows people to show their support for that specific occupation and can be altered into fashionable and/or promotional uses. Show our frontline essential workers how much we appreciate them. Own, share, and wear these exclusive Brave FEW badges proudly! This badge represents the police officers!

If you would like to purchase one of these badges for your personal use or to simply show support, feel free to click on the badges linking to our store account.  

NFT Project NurseSprite 2.png
TeachSprite 2.png

TeacherSprite                                             NurseSprite

FireSpriter 2.png
PopoSprite 2.png

FireSpriter                                             PoPoSprite

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